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Erasmus+ Key action 1
  • The E-booklet with results of ‘Appetite for Waste’ may be found HERE; You can find project info-pack HEREThe schedule is HERE.
  • Participant certificates (YouthPasses) can be found HERE.
  • Wondering how all the awesome videos were created for the project? Check the ABC for Amateur Film-makers HERE
  • Want to fight environmental problems such as food waste yourself? Go on an EVS! Find a project that suits you HERE.
  • You can find workshop topics that were given to participants to get to know more about food wasting HERE.

  • Food waste

    Poverty even in the modern society, increasing sizes of the landfills, greenhouse gases emissions are the problems that are all connected with one issue – the ever increasing waste of food. This issue is one of the key problems in the European societies not only because it is a danger to the environment but also because it is a part of the paradox situation of people, companies, supermarkets and restaurants throwing out the perfectly good food, while the majority of the world is starving.
  • Project

    In order to develop awareness about this issue, a project ‘Appetite for Waste” will be hosted in Lithuania. This youth exchange is funded by Erasmus+ programme and will take place from the 3rd to the 9th of August, 2015. The project is implemented by organizations from countries where food waste is for the most part still considered a norm (Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Croatia & Poland). It involved 38 youngsters from these countries.
  • Goals

    The main objective of the project is to increase and develop awareness of environmental and social issues caused by excessive consumerism and incompetent waste management and try to find the creative and sustainable solutions for these problems on the individual and small community level. This aim should be reached by 1) introducing the youth with existing problems caused by food waste and share the knowledge about some of the possible solutions from each participating country; 2) generating new ideas or taking the good examples from leading countries in waste management and find creative ways on how to implement those locally; 3) teaching youth how to spread their gained knowledge to their community and beyond; and develop greater awareness in the social circles of participants proving that actions of every person counts.
  • Results

    During the exchange a number of ideas for social initiatives/business aimed at curbing food waste were developed by the participants. These ideas were all included into an e-booklet compiled on the last day of ‘Appetite for Waste’. Moreover, we have additionally added: the schedule and all the unique activities of the project. The e-booklet may be found HERE. Six videos discouraging food waste were also created during the exchange and may be seen at the Gallery.


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